Fleet Services Account Manager - Bloemfontein

Listing reference: cartr_000436
Listing status: Under Review
Apply by: 30 September 2023
Position summary
Industry: IT & Internet
Job category: (Key) Account Management
Location: Bloemfontein
Contract: Permanent
EE position: No
A leading global provider of vehicle telematics, Cartrack is firmly rooted in the belief of being service-centric. It allows us to offer best-in-class quality and financial satisfaction, no matter the size of your fleet or the price of your car. Our proprietary in-house technology provides the best intelligent, actionable data to fleet operators and security for all vehicle owners - across 23 countries over 5 continents.
Job description

Overall Purpose of the Job
The primary main purpose of the position is to build and maintain relationships with existing customers as an Internal Account Manager. Supporting the client by means of telephonic and email support, limited travelling. A secondary purpose is to follow up on incoming leads and close deals where possible.
To contribute daily to our mission of earning the reputation that we provide all our clients and partners with superior quality technology and information supported by first rate service. The incumbent must uphold our promise to clients that we go beyond the expected.

Responsibilities of this position
Adopt the key interface role between the fleet customer and Cartrack by providing exceptional customer service.
• Contact, resolve problems & queries and build relationships with allocated clients
• Servicing of existing clients by uncovering the immediate need (health checks, account review, fleet training, self-service portal)
Build on existing client base.
• Develop unique ways to grow the business with customers and provide solutions to management in the face of challenges
• Deliver continuous training to business sources and clients to explain products
• Market and promote products in order to increase brand awareness
• Focus on growing and developing existing clients
• Achieve above-average results on customer satisfactory surveys
Perform daily administration function to improve on and maintain customer satisfaction.
• Update CRM and coverage reports daily
• Report in respect of daily activities to relevant Manager
• Attend to all fleet queries, setup of fleet reports and alerts
• Attend to de/re installation and repair queries and / or requests
• Attend to cancellation requests
• Attend to account queries
• Attend to updates of client and vehicle information (self-service portal)

Minimum requirements

Experience (Minimum Experience required – type and number of years)
MS Office Suite (Excel Intermediate / Advanced) 2 Years
Account Management and Sales Experience 2 Years
Relationship Management 2 Years

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