Marketing Manager

Listing reference: cartr_000439
Listing status: Under Review
Apply by: 4 October 2023
Position summary
Industry: IT & Internet
Job category: Marketing Management
Location: Gauteng
Contract: Permanent
EE position: No
Are you a self-motivated positive individual, possess a wide degree of creativity and have a project management mindset? Do you have knowledge and understanding of current trends in digital and social media? We’re a world-leading smart mobility tech company with over 1,750,000 subscribers across 23 countries, and we’re looking for a Marketing Manager to join our team in East Rand.
Job description

● Develop, implement and manage the marketing strategy covering all aspects of advertising and branding
● Develop, implement and manage the communications strategy including media, public relations and internal and external communications
● Manage and direct the marketing team to achieve objectives
● Manage all sponsorships in order to maximise exposure
● Ensure consistency of brand nationally
● Ensure that all events are executed successfully
● Develop and maintain good relationships with creative-, media- and digital agencies

Minimum requirements

● Relevant Tertiary Degree in Marketing or Business
● High level of Business Acumen
● Strong Business Writing Skills
● Ability to present concepts verbally
● Confident communicator and presenter
● Project Management Skills

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