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A leading global provider of vehicle telematics,
Cartrack is firmly rooted in the belief of being service-centric.

Why Work At Cartrack

With over 1,500 staff, Cartrack is creating revolutionary platforms that will transform the industry and help improve efficiency, safety, security and the environment. Our reputation as one of the most innovative and fastest growing telematics companies in the world has resulted in us acquiring 1 million subscribers, including businesses, consumers, and governments.

As a leading global provider of vehicle telematics and vehicle recovery services, Cartrack’s philosophy is motivated by the need to be service-centric. This ethic ensures that we can offer you best-in-class quality and financial satisfaction, no matter the price of your car or the size of your fleet or. Our proprietary, in-house technology ensures that ps superior, intelligent, actionable data and security is provided to fleet operators and all vehicle owners, across 24 countries and over five continents.

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A brief history

Cartrack surpasses 1,000,000 globally connected vehicles and continues growing at record levels
Cartrack continues to be firmly at the forefront of vehicle telematics, having one of the largest customer bases globally and being among the fastest growing.
Cartrack Launches workforce optimisation, and enters both the USA and New Zealand, meaning Cartrack now operates in 23 countries globally.
Cartrack launches Insurance Telematics offerings, commences operations in South East Asia lists on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange all in one year.
Cartrack launches in both Spain and Tanzania, having already expanded into Poland, Kenya, Namibia and Portugal in the years prior.
Cartrack welcomes the next era in customer experience with it’s launch of a fully-fledged SaaS platform.
Cartrack begins offering Fleet Management products, leveraging its strong telematics development for fleet productivity solutions.
Cartrack goes cross-border entering the Mozambican telematics market and welcoming the start of its global expansion.
Cartrack is co-founded and launched in South Africa, initially starting with Stolen Vehicle Recovery solutions

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